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User-Friendly Dispersion Tool

     This is a very famous function in the photo editing world. Someone is calling as a dispersion effect or splatter effect or shatter effect. But those names are saying one story. When you use a professional level photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, you need to spend more time with changing layers and you need to use a different type of brushes to make dispersion effect on a single phot. Therefor Picsart Photo Studio has a perfect advance tool for make dispersion effect photos with less no of finger touches. You don’t need any graphic design skills or software handling skills to make super quality edited outputs. I would like to present step by step for making the stunning dispersion effect photos by using a dispersion tool in Picsaty Photo Studio. 

picsart, picsart download, picsart photo studio

Step 1 - Add Your Image

     You need to go to Picsart Photo Studio Editor Mode and select a photo that you need to edit. These types of images are very famous in social media sharing. Therefore I selected man and woman photos to describe the editing procedure. According to the photo you can see the appearance of the apps editor mode, interface of the Picsart Photo Studio app free version.

picsart, picsart download, picsart photo studio
picsart, picsart download, picsart photo studio

Step 2 - Open Dispersion Tool

     The dispersion tool is located in the tools section. When you open the tools section, you can see the dispersion tool at the right corner of the first row.

Step 3 - Select The Area

     When you go to dispersion tool editor mode, first you need to select the area which is going to make dispersion effect. In Picsart Photo Studio has the ability to customize the size of the selecting tool. Therefore you can easily select the correct area of the image. If you select the wrong area, you can easily restore step by step for selecting a 100% accurate area in your photo. Those selected are can be seen in red color. After selecting the correct area, you need to click on the top, right corner arrow to go to change the dispersion effect as you want.

Step 4 - Customize The Dispersion Effect

     In the dispersion tool editor mode, there are 5 no of customizable features available for making proper and attractive dispersion effect for your final output. When entering to this step, you can see the clear appearance of the dispersion effect on your image.

      Stretch is representing the amount of spread of dispersion parts. Picsart Photo Studio has a live preview for easy select the most suitable appearance as the wiliness of the user.

     When you change the size value, simultaneously change the size of dispersion part sizes. I recommended the love value of the size for the most dispersion effect images.

     Direction can change for 360 degrees. You can get a clear idea about the function of the direction tool by this example images.

     When you change the fade value, it changes the opacity level of the dispersion parts.

     In the end, there is a function available in Picsart Photo Studio. That is a blend mode. The blend mode has consisted of a different type of color changing effects. You can see there example appearance of these color modes in these above images.

picsart, picsart download, picsart photo studio

Step 5 - Finish The Editing

     Finally, you need to complete the editing procedure by clicking the top, right corner tick icon. Then you can end the dispersion editing and you will move to the next stage.      

picsart, picsart download, picsart photo studio

Step 6 - Finish The Editing

     Final output can be taken out with various method. If you need Picsart Photo Studio has the ability to share your creation directly in social media or you can store in your phone memory storage or you can store it in Picsart cloud storage very easily.

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