Advanced Stretch Tool

Advanced Stretch Tool

      Stretch is an advanced editor function that can be used for enlarging some selected areas in different ways. Because Picsart Photo Studio has for stretch tools. You can change the size of the selected area and you can be able to select four no of stretching patterns. The Amount of stretching is depending on the time of holding your fingertip in the selected area. However it goes wrong, you don’t worry about any case. You can easily go to the back with step by step. Therefore it is a very easy and user-friendly interface for all users. Let’s move to learn one touch photo stretch of the Picsart Photo Studio App. - stretch image 1

Step 1 - Add Your Image

     You need to go to Picsart Photo Studio Editor Mode and select a photo that you need to edit. Basically, most women are worried about their figure. This stretch tool is very important to correct those worrying points. Therefore I took a women photo for describing the functionality of the Picsart photo studio stretch tool. Then you can see the appearance of the apps editing interface of the Picsart Photo Studio app free version. - stretch image 2

Step 2 - Open Stretch Tool

     The Stretch tool is located in the tools section. When you open the tools section, you can see the stretch tool in the second row, third icon. - stretch image 3

Step 3 - Introduction Of Stretch Tool

     In this image, you can see the complete editing interface of the stretch tool. Picsart Photo Studio has 2 levels of restore methods. The first method is to restore the original image from one click. In the top row, you can see that icon with two arrows. The second method is step by step going backward to do the correction. However, this app has a different type of stretching mode in a single tool. That Swirl counter clockwise, Swirl clockwise, squeeze and inflate of the selected area in the image. - stretch image 4

Step 4 - Stretch Tool Customization

     Picsart Photo Studio is a very high customizable editor tool. Therefore users can be able to do their creation with a wide range. Warp is using to change the size of the selected area to do the stretch function and power is represented the stretching amount of the selected area at one finger touch.

Step 5 - Inflate and Squeeze Function Of Stretch Tool - stretch image 6 - stretch image 3 - stretch image 9

     Inflate tool can use to stretch some small selected sections as you need like this. Then your whole image appearance will change without any bad marks. No one cannot identify that the photo is an edited one. Picsart Photo Studio has that much of advance and smooth editing tools for free. I think you can identify the difference between the edited version with the inflate tool (First Image) and the original image (Second image). The squeezing tool also can be used in a similar way. The third image shows the squeezed version of the original image. - stretch image 7

Step 6 - Swirl Function Of Stretch Tool

     In this image, you can see the function of swirl stretch tools. It makes a stunning appearance for seawater in one finger touch. This is the beauty of the Picsart Photo Studio. That is you can do various types of editing with one finger touch with the advanced tools in this nice app.